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Watch video from AGRINATURA Science Days: How will agriculture look in 2030?!



The AGRINATURA Science Days & AGRINATURA General Assembly
5 – 8 May 2014, Vienna
The AGRINATURA Science Days are organized by AGRINATURA, hosted by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, in cooperation with Caritas Austria, ADA (Austrian Development Agency), KEF (Commission for Development Research) and VIDC (Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation), taking place from 5 to 7 May 2014.
The AGRINATURA General Assembly is held on 8 May 2014 at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna; participation by invitation only.
The AGRINATURA Science Days focus on following topic
Growing together
Family farming and agricultural sciences
transforming world food systems
World food systems are undergoing ecological, economic, social, and structural transformations. Some transformations offer new opportunities for small-scale family farmers, others cause uncertainty, poverty and hunger: Although small-scale farmers grow food for consumers and markets, many farmers themselves suffer from hunger and precarious livelihood conditions.
How to turn things around?
At the AGRINATURA Science Days we ask if and how alliances between small-scale family farming and agricultural sciences can transform local and global food system in ways that ensure food and nutrition security at all levels. We also ask how research and higher education become more effective in understanding and supporting transformations that bene it family farming, world food security and wellbeing. And we explore how an emerging transformative change agenda its into the Post-2015 development framework.
The AGRINATURA Science Days assemble researchers and practitioners concerned with family farming, food security and transformative change in one single forum. They offer a unique opportunity for dialoguing, learning, networking and exploring new research and higher education partnerships. Results of the Science Days contribute to the AGRINATURA strategy and support the International Year of Family Farming.
The AGRINATURA Science Days format comprises keynote speeches, presentations and workshops, open space arrangements and storytelling in large and small groups.
Participation is open to AGRINATURA members, non-members and stakeholders. We welcome representatives from farmer organisations, civil society, the private sector, national and international agricultural research, and regional and global networks.
The working language during the Science Days is English. Interpretation to other languages is not available.


Documents for download:

How will agriculture look in 2030? - video of the conference

Invitation and programme of the Science Days

Poster of the Science Days


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